Fall Fashion Wardrobe for Men – 5 Items You Should Have This Season

As summer comes to an end and fall begins our attention shifts to the cold months ahead. It is during this cold season that men need to add coats, scarves, as well as other fall fashion essentials to their wardrobe in order to prepare for work as well as social engagements.

In this article, we have reviewed the essential fall fashion pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe during this fall season.

1. Rain Jacket

The finest rain jackets blend great design with functionality, so as to ensure that you stay dry without appearing like a tourist. However, before you opt for a rain jacket you must ensure that it is 100 % waterproof -not water-resistant or showerproof–and it should also feature ample pockets and taped seams. Moreover, the jacket should also be eye-catching. Unless you are planning to go for a mountain trek you do not have to worry about anything techier.

2. Top Quality Boots


When the sun is shining, having great looking footwear is not much of an issue. However, once fall begins you will need to re-consider your footwear strategy. Smart looking, sturdy boots will offer you more coverage as well as versatility as compared to the ordinary shoes. You can put on the boots with trousers and they will fit in very well at any formal event. Besides, you can also keep things casual by simply wearing them with a pair of jeans.

3. Wool Trousers


Fall trousers are not created equally. Although color & design might be the common considerations, you must also ensure that you check the fabric. Although some cotton trousers are great for autumn, wool trousers promise the finest combination of warmth & comfort. When you are shopping for wool trousers, go for slim but not skinny ones as they will offer you longevity as well as comfort. When it comes to the color go for timeless black, navy or grey as they usually fit well with any fall fashion pieces.

4. Lightweight Knitwear


With top quality lightweight knitwear, you will be able to keep yourself warm this fall season. Lightweight knits are very fashionable as they can be easily worn over a shirt, a tee shirt or even under a blazer or jacket. Therefore, if you opt for jumpers or cardigans you should consider ones that are made of temperature-regulating merino wool, plush cashmere or breathable cotton.

5. Denim


Keeping your style adaptable is the secret to dressing well during this fall season. A top quality denim shirt is a great fall season essential that is worth adding to your wardrobe this cold season. Denim can be worn under a jacket and can offer you warmth, comfort, and a great look also.

However, when it comes to choosing denim, the color usually matters as it determines how formal it will appear. Just as with other fashion pieces, the darker the finish, the smarter it is. Therefore, you should opt for dark colors if you want to stand out.


With the above-listed fall fashion essentials, you will not only be able to keep yourself warm and comfortable, you will also be able to attend any formal or informal engagements without having to worry about the weather.