What is Your Wardrobe? Essentials Worth Every Man’s Investment

It’s not every day you find men sitting down to chat about wearable fashion items, especially clothes. Even teenagers who are easily swayed by fashion trends rarely discuss the nitty gritty of fashion with their peers; they’re rather preoccupied with important teenage issues like impressing girls…

Contrary to what goes on among the womenfolk with regard to sharing fashion and dressing up ideas, men are a bit rigid to fashion suggestions because their fashion sense is determined and sealed from a very tender age. It takes a lot convincing to get a man to change his dressing ways because while fashion trends are fickle… a man’s deep-set principles are not!

Men are usually fixated on what was the in thing during “their time”… and that’s it’s easy to tell which men belong to what era…!

With that being said, however, there are a couple of items that every man should invest in when it comes to wardrobe essentials. It doesn’t matter whether their fashion sense is from the 1920’s or as current as Alexander McQueen’s last week’s collection, every man needs to have these few things in his wardrobe… period!

A Good Suit – Not The Penguin Costume (A.k.A Tuxedo)

Before you jump up objecting and yapping about different suits for different occasions… please hear me out.

Every stylish man worth the “Gentleman” title needs a suit or two. Any man, regardless of social or financial status, looks good and respectable when they show up in a sharp well-fitting suit (including to those fancy tux events). The “college professor” checkered suit with a crooked tie look only gets the girl in movies. The script is different out there…

Real men care about their appearance and social respect even when they don’t talk about it much. So, unless you’re just one of “those guys”… then just go out and shop for a suit today (buy one if possible). It doesn’t have to be the most expensive suit you can find as long as it’s presentable and properly fitting. There’s always that “thing” that’ll require you to dress up formally… and we all know that last minute rush has never worked for anyone so don’t get caught with your pants down, buy yourself a suit.

Also, if worse comes to worst and you just can’t get your hands on a suit for whatever reason… try and get yourself a navy blue blazer. You can wear this with absolutely anything and still achieve the “official look”.

A Wrist Watch – A Time Piece to Match Your Personality


You can have one for every occasion… you’re free to own 2 or 3 or even just 1… but for heaven’s sake buy yourself a timepiece. A man without a wristwatch is like… well, a man without a wristwatch and it totally sucks! Thanks to our brothers from the FAR EAST it doesn’t cost much to acquire a golden Rolex. You can easily fake it until you make it… but just go out there and buy a watch if you don’t have one.

Interlude: By a show of hands, how many here feel naked when they walk out without their wristwatch? Thank you.

Backpack – Versatile and High Quality

This may seem like an odd accessory to include, but believe me, it’s as important as a nice coat. Men tend to only feel comfortable carrying two types of items: a wallet and a backpack. That’s it! So why not invest in a good backpack that you can use for the gym, for work, for travel, and so on. Here is a rucksack style that looks very cool, and it’s waterproof so you know it can handle anything.

Cologne – The Scent of a Gentleman


Well, I’m not about to impose any products on anyone because; (1) this is not a product review, and (2) I’m not going out on a limb to Google perfumes for you. I know how futile that is. I’m just here to tell you what’s worth investing in for your wardrobe as a man.

You should know that the search for the perfect scent is a long journey and quite tricky for some. You’ll soon discover that not everything that smells nice to you works the same for everyone. You don’t want to see people walk out on their dinner from a restaurant just because they can’t stand the “human skunk” that just walked in.

A man should be equipped with something subtle yet fierce enough to garner recognition. You don’t have to go nuclear on the world to make a statement. It’s all about trial and error, so make sure to experiment.

Shirts – Mix Them, Gather Them

Every man needs at least three button-down shirts; a white one, a pale blue shirt, and a black one. You can never go wrong with those 3 colors no matter the occasion. You also need a sweatshirt the sweatshirt can either be a hoody or a crewneck… just have it.

A man also needs 2 crewneck T-shirts; a plain white t-shirt and a plain black t-shirt. Any other color or design is up to you.

Try to find shirts made from breathable fabrics, like cotton. While there are high-end cotton shirts that retail as high as $200, you don’t need to splurge that much. Around a $30 budget should do the trick.

Bomber Jacket – Fashion Explosion

bomber jacket

Throwing a bomber jacket on top of any outfit instantly makes it better. It’s a great casual piece that you can use it to dress down a crisp button-down shirt. The best colors are black, dark green, and even navy looks good.

Jeans – “Jean-Etically” Coded

You need a pair (or pairs) of straight-legged dark wash jeans. Not too skinny and not too baggy… just something to leave you looking well put together. Enough said.

A Belt – Black and Brown

Not just any belt. Something with a nice strong buckle for all occasions.

Shoes – Walk Like A King

A man can wear a pair of black leather lace-up shoes anywhere… including the beach! Black lace ups go with anything a decent man would wear and they fit both formal and informal looks. Need I say more?

An extra pair of nice white sneakers wouldn’t hurt if you can afford it.

What more essentials do you think a man should have in their wardrobe?