My Bucket List

Chris' Bucket List

A lot of people try to have a bucket list, but I am really trying to accomplish it. I mean, you only have so much time in a day, in a lifetime.  And when things begin to settle, you’re forced to make really hard decisions regarding what you do and the people you love and decide to spend your time with… So, this is where and what I am spending my time on.

~ Chris

Ride in a hot air balloon.

Visit the great Pyramids

Cook with a world renowned Chef. Charlie Trotter before his passing. 🙁

Visit Vietnam

Go on a Safari

Sneak into Disney World after closing.

Jump out of an Airplane (with a parachute)

Visit the Holy land

Publish my own book

Go to the Canne Film festival and hang with a star.

Become fluent in French

Participate in an Ironman

Live one month in China.

Learn to Scuba Dive and hit the Great Barrier Reef.

And more to hopefully be added to and accomplished before I kick the bucket.